NBA 2009: The Year in Fines

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Here is a different kind of review for 2009 in the NBA: It’s the year in fines, and there have been quite a few: 28 in total, adding up to $690.000 (£434.000) – and it’s not only players who get into hot water. Owners, coaches and even agents can find themselves out of pocket as the list below shows. We’ve included links to the original stories on each entry, so you can see for yourself what went on at the time:

03 January: Joel Przybilla fined $7500 (£ 4700) for flagrant foul & role in altercation in a game against the Chicago  Bulls.

16 January: Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban fined $25.000 (£ 15.700) for “improper interactions” with Denver Nuggets J.R. Smith.

02 February: Boston Celtics Kendrick Perkins fined $10.000 (£ 6300) for flagrant foul in game vs. Detroit Pistons

07 February: Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers fined $15.000 (£ 9400) for verbally abusing referees in game vs. Los Angeles Lakers.

12 February: Cleveland Cavaliers coach Mike Brown fined $25.000 (£15.700) for comments about officiating.

27 February: Detroit forward Rasheed Wallace fined $25.000 (£ 15.700) for throwing a towel into the stands after ejection.

19 March: Doc Rivers fined $25.000 (£15.700) for criticising referee during a game vs. Chicago Bulls.

29 March: Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban fined $25,000 (£15.700) for criticising referees on Twitter.

28 April: Doc Rivers fined $25.000 (again) for criticising officiating. Celtics franchise was also fined $25.000 (£15.700)

28 April: Portland Trailblazers coach Nate McMillan fined $25,000 (£15.700) for criticising officials.

28 April: Houston Rockets coach Rick Adelman fined $25,000 (£ 15.700) for criticising officials.

04 May: Kenyon Martin fined $25.000 (£15.700) for flagrant foul.

26 May: LA Lakers coach Phil Jackson and the Lakers organization fined $25.000 (£15.700) each for Jackson criticising referees.

04 June: Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James fined $25.000 (£15.700) for skipping postgame press conference.

15 September: Stephen Jackson fined $25,000 (£15.700) for publically asking to be traded.

13 October: Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas fined $25.000 (£ 15.700) and Wizards fined an additional $25,000 for failing to make himself available for media interviews.

14 October: Memphis Grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins fined $25,000 (£15.700) for publically criticising referees.

14 October: Charlotte Bobcats coach Larry Brown fined $35.000 (£ 22.000) for verbally abusing referees and refusing to leave the court. The league fined him an additional $25.000 (£15.700) for publically criticising the refs after the game and fined Charlotte Bobcats $60.000 (£ 37.700) for Brown’s actions.

16 October: Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy fined $35.000 (£ 22.000) for publically criticising referees and Orlando Magic fined $35.000 for his actions.

01 November: NY Knicks forward Al Harrington fined $25.000 (£15.700) for criticising referees.

10 November: Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard fined $15.000 (£9400) for criticising referees in his blog.

28 November: Orlando Magic forward Matt Barnes fined $20.000 (£ 12.600) for throwing ball into the stands after a game against the Miami Heat.

29 November: Charlotte Bobcats center Tyson Chandler fined $7500 (£ 4700) for comments made on Twitter.

29 November: Phoenix Suns forward Amare Stoudemire fined $7500 (£ 4700) for comments made on Twitter.

29 November: Rasheed Wallace fined $30.000 (£ 18.900) for publically criticising the referees.

07 December: Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah fined $15.000 (£ 9400) for throwing ball into stands and hitting a photographer.

18 December: Brandon Jennings fined $7500 (£ 4700) for posting to his Twitter account before post-game interview.

28 December: NY Knicks guard Nate Robinson fined $25.000 (£ 15.700) for comments made by his agent demanding a trade for Robinson.


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